RoboPLATE - Robotic Plate Loader

The RoboPLATE is a patented robotic plate loader that includes a trolley with 50 plate capacity and a robotic pick-up unit connected to the fully automatic mounting machine. The pick-up unit transfers one plate after another on the conveyor belt of the FAMM, which takes over and mounts the plates fully automatically.

  • Robotic plate loading
  • Robotic plate transfer
  • Operator independent

RoboPLATE features


Plate trolley

The plate trolley contains up to 50 plates, which is sufficient for a full 10-color job


Robotic rack change

The racks of the plate trolley automatically move up so that the next plate can be picked up.


Robotic plate transfer

The pick-up unit transfers each plate on the conveyor belt of the FAMM. An operator is no longer needed for placing the plates on the FAMM.

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