AV Flexologic has a wide portfolio of automated flexographic plate mounting machines. Within this portfolio, on a specific range of equipment, AV Flexologic intends to onto the market an automated cutting system. This cutting system has several design requirements, the main requirements being:

  • 4 high precision degrees of freedom: X, Y, Z and rotational around the vertical axis.
  • High speed cutting ability
  • Modular design
  • Routing controlled by vector-based input file such as DXF
  • Possibility to bevel plates at a 45° angle

This graduation project entails the design and build of a working commercial model of an automated cutting head, on a specific model of AV Flexologic equipment, the Flatmount 3000.

The Flatmount is already widely used within the targeted market segment and it would therefore be an ideal piece of equipment to add the cutting head. Adding the cutting head gives the end user 2 machines in one. Also the camera and image recognition system can be used to measure the exact alignment of the plate prior to cutting.


Project structure

  • Perform research study, document and understand requirements
  • Research available technologies (hardware and software)
  • Design of a prototype hardware system
  • Source materials and build a working prototype
  • Analyzing results and make suggestions for improvements
  • During the project the student is expected to report his/her findings with an end result a graduation thesis report.

We are looking for:

  • Mechanical engineering / mechatronics study
  • Ability to plan well and manage projects as well as resources
  • Technical and hands-on mentality
  • A flexible and creative person


Start as soon as possible. Career opportunities and growth possibilities.

Interested? Contact Martijn Otten, Managing Director AV Flexologic: m.otten@flexologic.nl